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Welcome to The Swedish Feed Water Association

The Swedish Feed Water Association is a non-profit organization that brings together companies with facilities for energy production, consultants and suppliers, as well as institutions and organizations active in the technology field. The Association has around 100 member companies.

Our main functions are:

      • To act as a unifying interest group for our members in regards to feed water issues.
      • To promote a safe working environment, personal safety, operating economy and processing safety by collecting, processing and compiling process experience.
      • To ensure that information about feed water technology remains factual and correct, and to share it with all operators involved in water issues.
      • To monitor and operate in areas related to feed water such as district heating water, cooling water, flue gas condensation purification and raw water treatment for applications other than feed water.
      • To encourage students to study and work within our field.

Why a Swedish Feed Water Association?

In today’s fast and ever-changing world, there is a growing awareness of the need for complete control and knowledge as facilities become larger and more complex, while at the same time, more advanced techniques are being developed to meet these requirements.  This field includes everything from simple household boilers, to facilities generating thousands of megawatts for power and heating. As the facilities grow, so do the demands and the overall complexity of the entire operation.

All processes require a good understanding and insight on management and control in order to avoid disruptions and to ensure a stable and cost-efficient operation, while at the same time prolonging the lifespan of the boiler and other components. 


The demands for operational safety in energy production facilities increase over time and in order for them to be met, the process must be optimized to ensure that the quality of the water, steam and condensation in each facility remains high. Without the correct water treatment and care, your facility will suffer disruptions and corrosion damage. At best, this will only lead to increased costs, a drop in productivity and a shorter lifespan. In the worst case, this could have catastrophic consequences leading to enormous costs and breakdowns.

It is essential that the operating technicians and managers have a good working knowledge of feed water technology. A sound skill set leaves more room for high capability and efficient fuel economy throughout the facility. Environmental aspects concerning both the inner and outer working environments is an ever-important matter.

Our operations include:

The Annual Feed Water Conference

The Industrial Conference Energi- och Industridagarna is organized every year during autumn. Visitors can attend a number of smaller conferences and exhibitions over the course of two days. The feed water conference is a popular and well-frequented event.

Cooling water conference

The focus of the conference in recent years has been on legionella in cooling water systems. There have been several confirmed cases of contaminated systems in facilities even though the chemical treatment was carried out properly.

Members’ bulletin

The members’ bulletin is distributed at least twice per year and contains information on upcoming and past activities as well as news from our field.


Every year, we award a scholarship to a well-made final exam project related to our field.

Travelling allowances

To encourage and support skilled technicians within our field, we grant travelling allowances
for conferences, training courses etc.

Supporting research

The Association is committed to supporting interesting scientific research projects.


Membership in the association

Our association is open to all companies with facilities for energy production, as well as institutions and organizations handling matters which may be of importance to our particular field. Suppliers and consultants are more than welcome to join, since they, from their point of view, contribute with years of experience. The Association’s board members are derived from many different companies in order to better represent all the different fields which our members come from. The Association is administered by a special office within the ÅF head office. We are happy to answer any questions you have about us and our organization. The easiest way to apply for a membership is through email